Henrietta Boned

from by V

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My girlfriend wants a threeway - but I'm not invited
Nothing sucks more than love unrequieted
She was everything I could ever want
She did even share my passion for cunt


If I had realized how bad things would have gone
How fucking cynical I would become
I could have spared all the people I made go wrong
I wouldn't be playing this fucking song

Years have come and gone and I'm still alone
I've reached perfection through mischiefs and dejection
Too blunt to sin, too lazy to atone
I can barely stand my own reflection


It happens one night, and we're both so drunk
She calls me a jackal, she's still a skank
We go to my place, toast to the things to be
I don't even realize she laced my drink with LSD

X-ray vision lets me see through your clothes
Beyond there's a portal to the outer stars
I see are suns spinning and time reeling
How could you hide all this shit this far?

Thought I knew you but I was wrong
Thought all you needed was just my dong
Not only you gave me woes to foster
You even turned into a cosmic ass monster

Such a shame it got so late
I must ask you to leave
Don't worry dear, you're smoking hot as ever
You're so perfect you deserve someone much better
Can we solve this avoiding any bloodshed?
There's no need to tie me to the bed
I scream as you spread your legs wide open
What I see in between is a burning oven

What have I done to have you burn my bone?
You once made me free, now you have undone me

(what sins have I done you want me to atone for?)

I gave you the best of me, including my dignity
You've taken so many bones, what's wrong with mine?
Why all this enmity, was there something I couldn't see?
Were your orgasms fake? They sounded just fine to me

Is this why you gave me LSD, you wanted me to see
The demon eating you from the inside
I couldn’t I help you 'cause I was so blind
I swore I would always be close
But I wasn't there when your disease arose
I mistook your desperate need for attention
For a cock-craving without redemption
And I toasted to the things to be
But didn't notice your anorexy


I wake up in the bathtub, the house is a mess
Trip got me so high I didn't bother to undress
She's asleep on the couch, her body a frail husk
As I sit next to her, a second chance is all I ask


from Fell From Grace, released August 24, 2013



all rights reserved


V Spoleto, Italy

Founded between 2012 and 2013, V is the monicker under which Valerio Lanieri writes, produces and performs stoner rock music.

V's current line up features metal masterminds Filippo Capponi Brunetti (bass) and Alessio SilVioli (drums), stage Veterans and crowd heaters from the Italian power metal band Lost In ObliVion.
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