Fell From Grace

by V

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1. The Good, the Bad and the Whore
2. Endless Nights
3. Forever Gone
4. Fell From Grace
5. The King
6. Friends with Misfits
7. Failbait
8. Asinaria
9. Henrietta Boned

Mastering V.1.5 by Riccardo Fringuelli

All songs & lyrics written by Valerio Lanieri

Recorded & produced by Riccardo Fringuelli & Valerio Lanieri @ Villa Fraida SES & Mansarda Studios, 2013

Cover by Riccardo Fringuelli


released August 24, 2013

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V is

Valerio Lanieri - Guitar & Vocals

Filippo Capponi Brunetti - Bass

Alessio SilVioli - Drums


John Pallotta - whistles for 'The Good, the Bad and the Whore'

LiVia Perosino - Vocals for 'Asinaria'

V wants to dearly extend his most felt thanks to:

Giacomo DiPaolo, Alessandro Rizzuto, Michele Capitani, Stefano Clementini, Alessandro Carletti, Ozzy, Matteo Getti & Luca Antonini for lending tons of essential gear and/or giving crucial post production tips;

Francesco Proietti Lippi, who droVe our drunk asses to and fro and made it so that we could get back home safe & sound (in a figuratiVe speaking);

Nate Chapman, Federico Mattia Papi, Max Pinto & Lucia Busso for proofreading & spellchecking Valerio's awfully written lyrics;

Fabio Bonazzi Bonaca, who managed to sneak V into awesome gigs and festivals;

Tommaso Faraci, because, in a different world, in a different time, it would haVe been one of those once-in-a-lifetime loVe affairs;

Valentina Aleo, because she has more curls than Laura Sigismondi, whom we also thank;

Mary Jane and Bea Armstrong for their relentless habit of following V in tour and snapping pictures at their ugly faces;

V's loving fans. You rock! It's awesome playing for you folks!
(Especially if you're of the titted kind)

Thank you for listening. Be kind, spread the word and tell eVeryone to do the same!


V encourages the free download and sharing of Fell From Grace. This said, it took hours and hours of unpaid sweat and blood and psychological pain to bring this album to life. But we loVe music so much it's ok for us to haVe been through that mound of crap and to haVe gotten out stinking and penniless!

V assumes that you haVe gotten this copy of Fell From Grace for free, since you didn't know shit about the band and/or the album and hence saw no reasons why V should receiVe any kind of backing from you.

YET - if it turns out you liked the music, please ponder about going back to our Bandcamp page and donating us enough to buy a beer or whateVer drink you feel like:

This way you'll rend us eVen more eager to produce new and cooler stuff (yes,
booze helps).


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/.

Follow V @ www.facebook.com/Vband



all rights reserved


V Spoleto, Italy

Founded between 2012 and 2013, V is the monicker under which Valerio Lanieri writes, produces and performs stoner rock music.

V's current line up features metal masterminds Filippo Capponi Brunetti (bass) and Alessio SilVioli (drums), stage Veterans and crowd heaters from the Italian power metal band Lost In ObliVion.
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Track Name: Endless Nights
Endless nights
I spent regretting that wretched day
Endless nights
Eyes of women hunting me down

Endless nights
Crushing hopes built on my way
Endless nights
Vices crafting a morbid crown

Rise and shine, atop that hill I felt so high
Her scent still on my lips, undeniable proof of crime
I knew so bloody well punishment would come in time
But all I could think about was the horizon and the cloudless sky
Track Name: Forever Gone
I'm a liar baby
Yet you give me your trust
And you're even aware
To nail you is all I want
I like your getting drunk
I like when you dance like a slut
Whatever looked so smart in you
Is now forever gone

You can barely walk
And I'm in no position to judge
Let's bail out of this room
Let's make out outside
We feel nothing, don't we?
As we taste our tongues
Time to take off your pants
Let's get this done

Don't lie
There's no way you can deny
There could've been something between you and I
But we like it much better this way
Raging, violent, sick and astray
All these years I haven't gotten any far
All I've done was get laid and play my guitar
Track Name: Fell From Grace
Were you among the dunes
When stardust fell?
Thought you were by my side
But you weren't there
This desert hides places
I'd rather not see
Reminds me of the time
You came looking for me

Winds from the east
Sweep through the land
Shooting stars graze the sky
At both ends
Time loses meaning
I wander and get lost
To think I made it all this way
Just to see your ghost

There you are, waiting for me
Under the cyan planet we meet again
Too bad I can't join you as you sail in space
Since I lost my wings when I fell from grace
Track Name: The King
I don't recall how did I get up here
I've never been on a building so close to the moon
The city's heartthrob echoes from far below
An orchestra of engines
And human cries


At three AM I realize I don't know much about life
Night's a kingdom with a king in disguise
Bums and hookers and Godforsaken tramps
They all kneel to his rule till the night ends

As I walk inside I see a girl that cries
Another one pays me a wicked smile
Teenagers, CEO's, friends and foes
They all look alike
Under this sick pale light


Colors fade to black and white
Here comes the king of the night
With blackened teeth and a pale face
He leads me through narrow ways
Yesmen dancing high on coke
Junkies fighting over dope
It don't matter to his majesty
We're just cogs in his machine
Track Name: Friends with Misfits
Shy away from me
Booze granted me honesty
I see much clearer than before
I want you at the door

You shouldn't have come over
Or at least I had to keep sober
But maybe it was supposed to be
'Cause I cannot stand you without a drink

I never happened to meet
A fuck buddy I want to keep
It don't matter the type of chick
It takes two weeks and they all make me sick

Why are you so upset?
As if I were done yet
How come only now you're so concerned
While you let me do anything in the bed

You fancy you're into art
But you can't tell a song from a fart
You drink more than the unluckiest wretch
But that should be normal 'cause you're a bitch

Well I said what I had to say
You'd better be off your way
Thought you'd see me as a prick
Instead you kneel down and suck my (omissis)

We couldn't be any closer
Me and you love to be losers
Riding together the downward spiral
Hand in hand, never feeling idle
Track Name: Failbait
Judge me
If you will
All I wanted
Was to give her a good time
Ain't said
I'm a spotless knight
But believe me sir I gave her everything I could provide

Every night I learn what happens
When I lie
So perhaps I should stop it
Before I die

I was mistaken
Let's retry
Understood you were twenty
But your father wants to rectify:
'She's fucking underage
How couldn't you tell?'
Perhaps sir
but this young she still blows way too well

All them girls are such a pleasant sight
They calm my temper
Why should I bother if half their names
I don't remember?
Track Name: Asinaria
You shouldn't look at me that way
I'm no worse than you
And I never denied there is
Greed behind everything I do


I'm what you really want to be
The angel lightening your misery
My heart is numb and you must accept
The price to pay to let go of regret

You may think I smirk at your back
While you try to let go and forget
Truth is I don't care about you
What I really wanted you never knew


Spare me your scolding, what you believe is wrong
You cannot harvest, only steal from another crop
Even children know this basic rule
Time to grow up and soil your hands you fool


Time to grow up, you're just like me
I'm simply more honest when it comes to admit
We're not guiltless and won't ever be
Only greed can drive two hearts to meet

I don't deny I told you so many lies
It was too amusing to see you struggle through
What deep in your heart you knew was a falsehood
Confirming thus that love turns you into a tool

Track Name: Henrietta Boned
My girlfriend wants a threeway - but I'm not invited
Nothing sucks more than love unrequieted
She was everything I could ever want
She did even share my passion for cunt


If I had realized how bad things would have gone
How fucking cynical I would become
I could have spared all the people I made go wrong
I wouldn't be playing this fucking song

Years have come and gone and I'm still alone
I've reached perfection through mischiefs and dejection
Too blunt to sin, too lazy to atone
I can barely stand my own reflection


It happens one night, and we're both so drunk
She calls me a jackal, she's still a skank
We go to my place, toast to the things to be
I don't even realize she laced my drink with LSD

X-ray vision lets me see through your clothes
Beyond there's a portal to the outer stars
I see are suns spinning and time reeling
How could you hide all this shit this far?

Thought I knew you but I was wrong
Thought all you needed was just my dong
Not only you gave me woes to foster
You even turned into a cosmic ass monster

Such a shame it got so late
I must ask you to leave
Don't worry dear, you're smoking hot as ever
You're so perfect you deserve someone much better
Can we solve this avoiding any bloodshed?
There's no need to tie me to the bed
I scream as you spread your legs wide open
What I see in between is a burning oven

What have I done to have you burn my bone?
You once made me free, now you have undone me

(what sins have I done you want me to atone for?)

I gave you the best of me, including my dignity
You've taken so many bones, what's wrong with mine?
Why all this enmity, was there something I couldn't see?
Were your orgasms fake? They sounded just fine to me

Is this why you gave me LSD, you wanted me to see
The demon eating you from the inside
I couldn’t I help you 'cause I was so blind
I swore I would always be close
But I wasn't there when your disease arose
I mistook your desperate need for attention
For a cock-craving without redemption
And I toasted to the things to be
But didn't notice your anorexy


I wake up in the bathtub, the house is a mess
Trip got me so high I didn't bother to undress
She's asleep on the couch, her body a frail husk
As I sit next to her, a second chance is all I ask